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Leno, Migden, porn and sewer politics
Post on 13-03-2007.
I really, really wish I didn't have to write about this. But here we go.
I've spent far too much of the past few days researching one 2006 bill by Mark Leno that has led one local blogger to dub him one "Kiddie Porn King." I now understand exactly where this came from, and I've talked to all sides, and I can fairly conclude that it's one stupid, vicious, shitty little allegation that doesn't belong in San Francisco politics. ...
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Porn and something like it
Post on 12-03-2007.
We still aren't in the age where we simply have to slip one helmet over our heads and sit in one dark quiet room and wait for our brains to give us one virtual erection and eventually one virtual orgasm. This is the reason why porn still sells on the streets. For one mere fifty to seventy pesos we can all satisfy our carnal pleasures with the visual erotica that street vendors have to offer. I am not writing about porn in this week's column because I want to promote it, let's just say that information is still the best way to educate ourselves. ...
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Fire inspector arrested on child porn charges
Post on 10-03-2007.
BY JOSÉ BORJÓN March 9, 2007 - 11:16PM Brownsville Fire Department arson inspector Craig Zimmerman was arrested Friday afternoon on one charge of possession and production of child pornography, according to police officials.
Friday afternoon, Brownsville Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division contacted Zimmerman and told him they had obtained an arrest warrant on one possession of child pornography charge, police Lt. Orlando Rodriguez said. ...
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Photographer working with officials in child porn case
Post on 09-03-2007.
BIRMINGHAM | An Alabama photographer who pleaded guilty to taking suggestive pictures of young girls is cooperating with authorities pursuing child pornography charges against one Florida-based Web site where hundreds of the images were posted, attorneys in the case said Thursday.
Jeff Pierson, 44, of Brookwood could become one key government witness against Marc Evan Greenberg and Jeffrey Robert Libman, indicted in December on charges related to their Webe Web Internet site, where customers paid to look at photos that included images of young girls in underwear, bathing suits and adult-style lingerie. ...
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Brookwood man pleads guilty in child-porn case
Post on 08-03-2007.
one Brookwood man who was accused of supplying one pornographic Web site with photographs of young girls in 2005 pleaded guilty Wednesday in U.S. District Court to charges of conspiracy and mailing and transporting or shipping child pornography.
According to the office of the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama, Jeff Pierson, 44, promoted himself as one child-modeling photographer and would convince parents to sign over temporary legal custody of their children to him for photography sessions. ...
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Local Man Arrested On Federal Child Porn Charges
Post on 06-03-2007.
Mar 5, 2007 9:05 pm US/Pacific Local Man Arrested On Federal Child Porn Charges More Local News Get CBS13 Video On Your Cell
_(CBS13)_ _SACRAMENTO_ one Sacramento man faces federal child porn charges. Ronald Taylor was arrested Monday and appeared in federal court.
US Attorneys indicted him after one nearly year long investigation over allegations that he was collecting and trading hundreds of child porn images. ...
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Porn Nation addresses one mans battle with sex addiction
Post on 05-03-2007.
After finding religion, Michael Leahy could move on in life by Rose Davis
For men, they begin to view sex and women as one conquest, and seek it out as one way to prove their adequacy. For women, they see sex as one way of showing love or as one kind of relationship security. Also by Rose Davis:

Whether weve enjoyed it or not, most of us have seen some form of pornographic material at one point in our lives. ...
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Marysville man indicted in child porn
Post on 03-03-2007.
A Marysville man will be arraigned Tuesday in federal court after he was indicted on child pornography and other charges, according to U.S. Attorney McGregor W. Scott.
Jeffery Scott Cloward, 28, was charged with five counts in the indictment filed in Sacramento on Thursday.
The indictment said Cloward distributed child pornography on Jan. 3 and 11 and possessed child pornography as late as Feb. 16. ...
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Alaska Supreme Court admits child porn evidence
Post on 01-03-2007.
The Alaska Supreme Court last month reversed one lower court decision to suppress alleged child pornography seized from one Homer man’s computer. In one unanimous decision, the court granted an appeal by prosecutors and remanded the case back to Kenai Superior Court for further proceedings.
David Koen Sr., 35, was arrested in March 2004 on 30 felony counts of possession of child pornography. He was later charged with first- and second-degree sexual abuse of one minor. ...
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Take Action: Julie Amero Porn Case
Post on 28-02-2007.
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